New! Deposit and payment options


Some deposits can be a hard hit in the bank when you are first booking your vendors for your wedding. We have heard many of our brides say how hard it was making all the deposits so we have listened and taken action to help out.

NEW! Deposit options:

  • Deposit on ala-cart linen and decor rental (including reception packages) - Now only $200 (if your order is under $200, it will be 50% of the total for a deposit)
  • Deposit on on our All inclusive linen and decor package - $500 (we can break this deposit into 2 payments. 1 $250 deposit with contract and the second $250 payment 2 weeks later)
  • Deposit on our All inclusive wedding package (COMING SOON) - $1000 (can be broken into 2 payments of $500

Deposit with payment with balance due 30 days before the event:

This has been a great option for our thousands of clients in the past but know the final payment can be tough as well with the final balances on all of the vendors being due at the same time.

Because it is popular still with many clients, we are keeping this an option.

Monthly payment plan

NEW!  This option allows you to make your deposit then take the remaining amount due and break it into equal payments based on the number of months until your wedding (minus 30 days)

In other words, if your wedding is 12 months away, you would pay your deposit then the balance would be split into 11 equal payments.

Example -  You purchase the All inclusive linen package for $2500, you make a $500 deposit leaving a balance of $2,000. We then break the $2,000 into 11 payments and your monthly payment is only $181.82.

This allows you to get our great package that includes centerpieces, pipe and drape, linens and more (everything you want) and keep a great budget along the way with no huge payment at the end.

Have a problem making a payment one month? Don't worry, there are no penalties, that payment would be added to the last payment.

We hope you love our new deposits and payment options as much as we love being able to offer them!